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Welcome to 5K Children’s Ministry where a team of committed volunteers eagerly await the opportunity to partner with you on your child’s spiritual journey.  We realize that with our combined influences, the family and the church will make a greater impact than any other single influence.  We want to work with you in building everyday faith in your child’s life, magnifying what’s really important, elevating the importance of community, and providing opportunities for children to experience personal ministry.

We thank God for an opportunity to touch your child’s life and ensure that the child’s crucial spiritual needs are met.  We believe that each child has the following basic spiritual needs and that we, as a partner with you, have the God-given ability to meet those needs:

  • To know that they are loved by a heavenly Father who they can trust no matter what they go through at any point in their lives.
  • To have an adult in their lives who shares biblical messages and character traits which are hopefully being shared at home by their parent or caregiver.
  • To experience the love of God through interaction with others.
  • To have a community of others who share their basic spiritual beliefs.
  • To depend on God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to make wise decisions.
  • To have fun while learning what it means to commit your life to the Lord and live a godly life.

I am honored to serve you and your children and to have the chance to help meet your child’s needs so that they can be all God has designed them to be.  My prayer is that as each child matures spiritually their joy will be so remarkably contagious that others, children and adults alike, are drawn to them to find the source of their joy.

I pray that you join 5K as our guest at any service and experience ministry through our children’s eyes.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about our children’s ministry offerings or even to volunteer to serve in 5K.

Joyfully Serving,