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(Holy High, Club 4:12, I-56)

Service Producer

Ensures Sunday/Wednesday services and special events run smoothly, in a timely manner, and urgent needs are addressed on the spot. Provides internal service and support to the overall ministry to ensure we are providing the most excellent care possible.


Welcome students and parents into a student ministry environment. This particular position is the first face that guests see and is responsible for capturing pertinent info from all guests. A positive attitude, a genuine smile, and a friendly personality is required.

Honor Champion

Praise and Worship - Create engaging worship experiences for students.

Audio/Visual/Social Media Technician

Provide technical support for services by operating soundboard and onscreen presentations. Capture service highlights to promote on social media platform.

Grow Champion

Assist students in taking personal ownership of their faith by providing creative opportunities to cultivate spiritual habits (prayer, bible study, quiet time).

Reach Champion

Assist students in developing an evangelistic lifestyle that consistently shares their story and offers salvation to others.

Connect Champion

Assist students in developing healthy Christian community by helping them build relationships with other believers.

Serve Champion

Help students to discover their unique S.H.A.P.E. and use it serve others.

Huddle Leader

Care for a group of 6-8 teens by connecting with them weekly and encouraging their spiritual progress.

Team Administrator

Maintain student and volunteer roster, schedules, forms, print jobs and associated administrative tasks for Student Ministry.

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