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This team expresses love to God via spoken word/drama. They compliment weekend, mid-week services, and/or certain seasons of the year with dramatic presentation. *Auditions are required.

Creative Writing

This team works hand-in-hand with our Drama Team to develop scripts and screenplays used in weekend services and for various events and ministries. *Auditions are required.

Set Design

This team responsibilities include the developing of stage sets and various creative projects while keeping the finished product cohesive throughout the campus.

Stage Manager

Directly responsible to the director and the technical director for the
smooth running of the production during rehearsals and performances. The stage manager is also responsible for sustaining established production values during the performance run.

Lighting Crew

This team works under the supervision of the Technical Director, Master Electrician and the Lighting Designer during installation of the hanging plot, and the Lighting Designer for the focusing, coloring and other manipulation of the hang to complete the lighting design.

Stage Crew

This team works under direct supervision of the technical director when in the shop, and also under the supervision of the stage manager when the production begins technical rehearsals. Generally there will be a Stage Crew Head (often the Student Technical Director or (Master Carpenter) who is responsible for receiving direct instruction from the technical director, and disseminating that information to his/her crew.

Costume Crew

This team works under the supervision of the Costume Designer and Student Costumer, along with the Stage Manager, in coordinating all aspects of the costume concept and design. The crew may work on a relatively simple, contemporary design, or a complex period piece requiring a great deal of research and historical accuracy.

Hair/Wig and Make-up Crew

This team is responsible to the Costume Designer to oversee the
organization of dressing rooms, including supervision of crews, organization of the various Wigs, Styling, and Make-up needs of the show in coordination with Wardrobe Crew and the Costume Crew.

Sound Crew

The sound crew works with the director and stage manager in constructing the sound concept
and playback for the show, and with the technical director to set up sound equipment for the
running of the production. In addition, the sound crew installs and maintains all equipment relating to the technical operations of the orchestra pit, including stand lights. There are at least two members of the sound crew that actually run the sound for the production: the sound
engineer, who sits in the ``crow's nest`` and controls all sound levels; and the sound board/
playback operator, who operates playback and other functions in the control booth. In addition, there are usually RF technicians that place and maintain wireless mic units for all cast members.

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