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Christian Lifestyles And Service Seminars

Destiny is a member supported ministry, and we need your help to realize our vision of introducing as many people to Jesus Christ as possible. If you desire to join us in our mission and make a deeper commitment to Destiny, become a member by completing Membership CLASS 101.  This Class provides a comprehensive introduction to our church family including what we believe about salvation, our statements of purpose, and our church strategy.

After you’ve completed this Class experience, continue your spiritual growth journey by participating in CLASS 201, 301, 401 and 501.

Being purpose driven and living on purpose doesn’t happen by accident. Class 101 is our  membership class experience that will focus on an introduction to our church family. Learn about our beliefs on salvation, our statements of purpose, and our church’s strategy!

Please Note: No childcare will be provided. Pictures will be taken.

Discovering Our Church Class 101 is a basic introduction to our church family and is designed to clearly explain who and what our church is. This class covers Our Salvation, Our Statements, Our Strategy and Our Structure. You will hear the history of Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church, learn how living the 5 biblical purposes are necessary in order to fulfill God’s purpose for your life, and discover plans for the future of Destiny. At the end of Class 101, you will have the opportunity to officially join our church. We look forward to seeing you.


This class is for those who have completed Class 101 (Destiny members). Spiritual growth is not so much about “doing” as it is about “becoming” – becoming more like Christ. It’s a life-long adventure that takes patience, commitment, and intentional focus. CLASS 201 will help you develop the habits you need to jump start and continually increase your spiritual growth momentum. It will give you an overview of the three basic spiritual habits every Christian needs in order to grow: Daily Time with God (prayer)


God did not design ministry for just a few with seminary degrees. At Destiny, we believe that every member of our church is a minister. During 301 you will learn how God can use your Spiritual Gifts, your Heart (passions), your Abilities, your Personality and your Experiences to minister to the needs of others. When you chose to follow Christ, you were given special abilities, known as Spiritual Gifts. God gave you these gifts for you to use to build up His Church. God also gave you passion for particular activities and subject. Having the heart for specific things, people or circumstances is to be used to guide us into a ministry that we really care about. In 301, you will be shown how to assess your abilities, gifts and passions to see where in ministry you will love to serve. This CLASS is designed for those who have completed CLASS 101 and CLASS 201.


In CLASS 401, you will learn how to discover your life mission and be a part of God’s plan to reach the world. You will also learn how to craft your personal testimony and see how to use it to impact the world around you with Christ’s love.

You are alive today because God chose you to be here. You exist for his benefit, his glory, his purpose, and his delight. Bringing enjoyment to God, living for his pleasure, is the first purpose of your life. We are able to bring pleasure to God through worship. Worship is far more than music – anything you do that brings glory to God is an act of worship. Every activity can be transformed into an act of worship when you do it for the praise, glory, and pleasure of God.